Music was a significant part of Don’s life. Not only did he own record stores in Chicago, but he also played the piano, trombone and bass.

D.A.D. will offer opportunities to youth pursuing music as an art form and/or business endeavor.


Don believed that sports were important to a child’s development because they provide discipline, enhance strategic thinking and drive overall health and fitness.

D.A.D. will provide access and resources to activities including clinics, sporting events, camps, etc.


For over 35 years, Don and his brother Rutherford owned their own businesses throughout the city of Chicago. Don always wanted to own a piece of the American dream. His priority (and joy) was providing jobs to many in the community, as well as ensuring his family’s needs were met.

D.A.D. will create programs that teach the fundamentals of business ownership and provide support resources.

The Dream A Dream (D.A.D.) Foundation serves

8 to 17-year-old youth across three key pillars:

The Dream A Dream (D.A.D.) Foundation is a Chicago-based, non-profit organization that was created to support, uplift and actualize the dreams of young people who may not have the resources to achieve their goals.

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